Drone Maximum Height

Probably every drone pilot have faced this question ”what is the maximum height a drone can fly”?. The answer is not much simple. Numerous factors play their part in this. Starting from the legal perspective to the natural restrictions.
But before discussing them one by one, people have to understand the type of drones first. Commercial drones and recreational drones are two different types with their respective jurisdictions.

What is the Commercial Drone?

Commercial drones meet the professional standards in their size, features, and price. They are bigger in size. These drones posses high end features that other RC drones don’t. For example: subject tracking, return to home etc. These drones are have high price tags, starting from $1500 to $120000 e.g (XACTSENSE TITAN).

What Is The Recreational Drone?

As the name suggests, these are the drones used for recreational purposes. They are small in size as compared to professional/commercial drones. Recreational drones are used for drone racing, events photography or videography. However, they are cheaper and can be assembled at home.

Drones Maximum Flight Height Factors

Now coming back to the factors responsible in drones maximum flight height. Lets discuss them sequentially:

1. Countries Allow Certain Limits Of Drones Max Flight :

Countries like USA allow only 120 meters (400 feet) height of flight. Whereas in UK the limit is 70 meters to 150 meters for professional pilots. These limits are defined to for a public safety and to prevent accidents in air. However, it is advised to check your countries’ regulations before taking off. Otherwise you may face the brunt in the form of penalties or even jail.

2. Drones Builtin Limitations :

Almost every drone manufacturing company does incorporate the flight restrictions in its softwares. This too is done to follow the guidelines of a respective countries. As discussed in the above point.

3. Thin Air In The Upper Atmosphere :

As the drone go high in the atmosphere, the air gets thinner and density gets lower. The propellers push the air down to maintain its flight, but the thinner air makes it difficult for the propellers of the drones to hover smoothly in upper atmosphere.

4. Lower Temprature In The Upper Atmosphere :

The other critical factor is the upper atmospheric temperature. The temperature gets lower in the upper layer of the atmosphere, the batteries of the drones can’t handle that low temperature and will go down in that much low temperature.

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What is The Maximum Height A Drone Can Reach In An Ideal Situaton :

However, the drone can go upto 20000 feets high in the air. If the restrictions discussed above are removed. But Definitely, we are not living in an ideal world.


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