Cell Phone Tracker App

In this you will read about Cell Phone Tracker App for Digital Parenting. Digital parenting is all about helping post-millennial kids to learn about dos and don’ts of digital technologies. Parents, in this digital age, are not obligated to provide their children with modern gadgets and technologies but they are also responsible to safeguard them from potential threats of these devices. The most powerful digital device so far is the smartphone that enables the user to communicate with people across the world without any hindrance.

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It enables younger users to talk to adults; share their photos and videos and plan meet-ups. The unsupervised use of this commanding technology can put children into danger. Parents can ensure that their kids do not misuse their smartphones and stay protected from potential dangers by supervising their mobile phone usage. In this article, we have reviewed the most influential app for cell phone tracking. Read on to know how this app facilitates digital parenting.

Best Cell Phone Tracker App

The cell phone tracker app and parental control app of TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced digital parenting apps available at the moment. It enables parents to keep an eye on the digital activities of their children to protect them from the most common online dangers. Once the app is installed on the smartphone of the kid, it enables parents to check out how the device is being used. The app comes with an online control panel or web portal through which parents can operate it. Read on to know about the high-tech features of the monitoring app.

Remote Control Camera & MIC

The parental control app enables parents to keep an eye on kids’ real-life activities. By using their smartphones as bugging devices, they can watch out what they do and speak. The app allows secretly turning on the camera and microphone of the monitored cell phone through the online control panel. They can not only monitor surrounding scenes and sounds but can also capture them in the form of photos and short videos.

Location Tracker

The monitoring app keeps parents updated about their kids’ unsupervised visits. It shows the current location of their phone and also provides location history, so parents could find out where their children have been.

Screen Recorder

All online and offline activities of children can be captured with screen recording and screenshots. Parents can see what their kid’s type, watch, and do on their smartphones.

Track Messages and Calls

The messages and phone calls made and received by your children can be monitored with the help of a cell phone parental control app.

Compatibility and Subscription

The mobile phone parental control app is compatible with Samsung, HTC, Haier, LG, Sony, Motorola, and many other android smartphones running android 5+. The app can be subscribed for a particular period against a certain amount. The longer you subscribe to the app, the lesser you have to pay.


The smartphone monitoring app is the best tool for digital parenting as it does not keep parents updated about their kids’ digital lives but also helps to keep little ones restricted from wrongdoings online and offline.


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