Quickbooks Credit Card

If you need a QuickBooks payment account to credit a credit card from QuickBooks Online Login. If you are not comfortable paying QuickBooks: you should record a Quickbooks Credit Card payment. So that we can also address outside of QuickBooks.

Quickbooks online login allows you to pay for credit cards in many ways so that you can easily keep a record of your expenses. And maintain accurate financial reports.

What are credit card terms and conditions

If you take a Quickbooks credit card, then you have to pay the bill on time. Normally a credit card bill statement.


  • To begin, one has to first sign up for the Quickbooks payment account and then select to record your payment and fee.
  • After this you should choose for your payment and transaction. You are the type of two to pay by card with your payment account, how do you do it.
  • It is up to you whether or not your Quickbooks become a payment method.


  • If you want to give your customer a walk-through payment or you would like to take payment.
  • This way you can apply your payment process on the open invoice.
  • If you want to pay your customer according to their convenience, then you send them to practice so that they can make online payment easily.

Write a cheque:

If you are being paid by check, then you can write to pay by credit card.

Select + New.

Checks should be selected for the suppliers and fill the name of the suppliers in the Payee field. In the bank account area, select the credit card of the account from which payment will be made. Check no Should fill out and check fillings no.

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If a transaction is being done in an electronic room, the type should be done. If the check has already been issued, you want to check it. And all the transactions that have been done should be recorded and closed.

Make payment after reconciling your credit card

  • Pay with your credit card through bank + Select New.
  • Under Other, choose Transfer.
  • Select bank account paid by credit card from credit card payment from transfer to drop-down menu.
  • In the Transfer Fund from the drop-down menu, select the credit card that went to payment.
  • In the Transfer amount field, enter the payment amount.
  • (Optional) Edit the date.
  • Select Save and Close.

Save your credit card and you should reorganize your credit card transaction.

Go to the Setting: 

  • Go to Settings then it should reconcile. 
  • Credit card accounts should be selected.
  • Fill in the Concept details.
  • Enter any missing transactions from the description and adjust any incorrect transactions, if any.
  • Once the difference is zero, select Start Reconciliation.
  • In Reconcile screen, Transaction
  • Selecting the checkbox in the budget that matches the transactions of your statement to clear it.

Pay your credit card transaction:

If you want to pay your credit card transaction, then you have to choose how you want to make your payment.

Pay all or part:

  • If you pay full payment or you want to pay a portion, then enter practice to pay later.
  • The credit card takes the balance in the accounts payable accounts so that you can pay it later.
  • Done: If you do not want to record credit card balance payments or bills while reconciling.

How To Enter Merchant Fees :

  • If you use skype or a normal payment process, then you will get a normal payment fee in return.For example, PayPal charges 2.9% + $ 0.30 / per transaction. Believe it or not, entering this information into QuickBooks Pro is actually quite simple
  • Before making sure we have to make sure that we have created an account called Merchant Fee.
  • If you are not sure how to enter our credit card charge in the post And follow all these conditions.
  • After this, the customer has to go to receive payment or click on the icon to receive payment on the home screen.
  • For the customer whose payment you want to record, select the drop-down menu. Quickbooks automatically save all the information related to that customer.

Enter the payment Amount:

  • Fill out the amount paid and fill in what the customer is paying.

Select Payment Option:

  • Click on More to be carried in the method of People and Striped if you are paying this merchant fee for the first time. So use whatever new you want to add to whatever process you are using.

Select the date:

  • Fill the date using the drop-down button.

Enter a reference number:

  • In this, an optional number has to be filed.

Add to any additional info:

  • Any additional information has to be added to this, which is the original amount.

Go to record deposit:

  • We have to go to our record and go to the record deposit and click on that icon.

Select the transaction

  • Click on the button next to the details that are filed, when the checkmark is done, then right-click.

Select merchant fee Account:

  • Click on the line of details of the record and select the merchant account.

Enter merchant fee:

  • Use a number that is negative so that merchant fees will be entered. Quickbooks will automatically cut merchant payments from total payments.

Record your Deposit:

  • Once checked, all the correct databases are correct: then close the file.

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