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Voice search is getting popular these days. If you are driving a car and need to know the directions for reaching a Mall, what will you prefer to type “Orbit Mall” in the search tab or open Google assistant and say “How to reach Orbit Mall”?

Obviously, we all prefer quick search results with fewer efforts. 

Voice search is becoming an essential concern with an increase in the number of Smartphone users. As we know, businesses must adopt SEO based strategies to build their brand value. But the adoption of voice search technology had a significant impact on SEO. For more SEO related strategies you can contact an SEO company.  

For Example, Type “Weather in London” in the search tab, the result shows a list of websites for you, but when you use a personal assistant for voice search, it gives you a direct answer and shows the temperature. Result? You can save your valuable time. !

Voice technology is growing and will continue to evolve not only in mobile but also in laptops like “Google Assistant” for Android, “Cortana” for Windows, “Siri”- an intelligent assistant for Apple devices. Voice search is not only limited to mobiles and laptops, Amazon offered smart speaker “Alexa” as a virtual assistant based on AI for search. 

The virtual assistant produces the best information for each voice search because it gives the results based on the SEO ranking of the websites. So the organizations, requiring their websites to be on SERP’s, need to optimize their SEO accordingly.

Why do businesses need to optimize their SEO Ron the basis of voice search?

Your website ranking is getting affected by voice search directly. 

  • Natural Language Search: With the updates in voice recognition tools by virtual assistance, it becomes easier to determine the intent of the human language. Most of the voice searches happened in conversational tone or Ein the form of natural language. 

Let’s assume you are searching for mobile so while writing a query you may write “best Smartphone” but if you use voice search you can say “Best Smartphone with 128GB memory under 10000”. However, voice search represents the intention of the user and ABLE helps get specific results.

  • Length of Search Query: When we type a query in the search Tab, it is small and concise but typically a long search for a voice. Hence SEO approach needs to be updated. Like short keywords should be replaced with long-tail keywords and long phrases.
  • Inclusion of Question Word in Search query: While speaking for voice search we usually include Question words like “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” or “how” but on writing in search tab, we ignore such question words. 

For Example, I want to go for a trip So I typed “Best places for a trip” in the search tab Abut in voice search, I say “What are the best places to visit in Summer for a long Strip.”

If you want to answer the user’s query accurately, you need to optimize your content, including simple questions words.

  • Location-based search: Generally, voice searches give results based on the user location. So, local businesses need to optimize their SEO strategy based on a search to improve their ranking in search results.
  • Quick actions: When you use a virtual assistant like Siri or Google Assistant, It provides you with instant results. Hence the website that loads faster will be at topmost priority and location has a substantial impact on the results.

How to optimize SEO strategy for voice search?

Your website ranking gets affected by voice searches directly, and the search engine always wants to produce the best results for the users. Hence it would be best if you modified your SEO strategy such that the search engine needs to think that your content is most relevant for the user’s query. 

To adapt the voice search, you should include the following points while writing website content:

  • Google looks deep in your content to find the best results for the queries to improve user experience. Hence, your website content should be well focused on natural language. Also, write the content in conversational tones to enhance your ranking in voice search results.
  • Long-tail keywords are extended phrases written in natural language related to the search query. If you own an ice cream delivery business, then you should include phrases like “Find an ice cream parlor nearby” or “Ice cream parlor near me” not just ice cream. 
  • Generally, voice search queries are question-based, so you should create content such that you can answer user’s queries accurately.
  • When a user searches through a virtual assistant, it always looks for a fast-loading website hence optimizing your site speed to improve your ranking in search results. 
  • Smartphone and virtual assistants are a significant source of voice searches, and Google optimizes the website rankings based on a mobile-friendly test. So include website optimization based upon mobile experience in your SEO strategy.

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We are on the increase in a profound change in digital marketing and the way you will get the search results you desire. Voice searches and private assistants are changing the marketplace and presenting a challenge before business to review the SEO strategy. Voice-based searches are expected to contribute more than half of all searches. Hence not focussing on voice-based SEO can prove fatal to you. Since searches are increasing, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of search-based queries. Now, you need to write the content focused on both, and to be on the top results you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. 


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