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Google Fonts is a repository started in 2010 by Big G and renewed first in 2011 and then in 2016, in which webmasters can discover and download for free always new fonts, updated and suitable for the graphics, characteristics and technical specifications of the Web.

It is a repository, a font library that has greatly facilitated the user’s browsing experience, making it possible to use fonts for the Web that are readable in the same way from any device (computer, tablet PC, smartphone) , system (Android, iOS) and above all browsers (Internet Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox).

Before understanding how to use Google Fonts, I invite you to reflect on the functions and types of fonts and what is important to evaluate in order to choose the appropriate fonts for your website.

Types of fonts and functions

Fonts play a fundamental role in the user’s browsing experience because they have the power to make content attractive Wilderness Therapy For Adults With Depression and pleasant or annoying to the eye, easily readable or difficult to use, they can help the understanding of the subject matter and characterize the personality of the brand that communicates.

This is why it is very important to choose the right font, the one that at the same time is capable of expressing the brand identity that meets the user’s taste that makes the navigability of the web page and the usability of the content attractive, engaging and easy. .

Usually, fonts can be:

  • Serif, or fonts with graces, small extensions at the end of the letters that seem to accompany and join them to each other, such as Droid Serif;
  • San Serif, or fonts without graces, such as Roboto and Open Sans;
  • Display, or fonts characterized by little free space between one letter and another. They are usually used for large headers, such as Lobster and Poiret One;
  • Handwriting, or fonts that evoke handwriting, such as Shadows into Light;
  • Monospace, or fonts whose characters all have the same width. These are fonts, like Inconsolata, which evoke the style of writing with the typewriter.

Some guidelines for choosing fonts for the web

When a web designer chooses the fonts to be used on a website or on a web page he must have the appropriate technical knowledge and must understand the necessary specifications for usability and navigability, so he must always pay attention to many factors.

Among these, the choice of fonts for the Web is fundamental:

  • Do not choose more than two fonts (at most and in extreme cases, three fonts) per web page or website because an excessive number of typefaces would make it difficult for the user to read the content and understand it;
  • Do not choose an excessive number of fonts (also) because each of these has a certain weight on the website and therefore helps to slow down its loading;
  • Prefer easily readable fonts;
  • Choose the right font size, in order to facilitate reading from any device and browser;
  • Before choosing and installing a font on the website, it is necessary to verify through specific tests that it is legible and that it is displayed correctly on all browsers, or at least on the most popular ones.

How to use Google Fonts on WordPress

How to use the Google Fonts directory? All you have to do is connect to the official Google Fonts website, search for and select the fonts you want to install on your website.

The interface is very simple because at the top you have the possibility to select the categories (Sarif, San Sarif, Display, Handwriting, and Monospacing), the search language, other filters and font characteristics, such as thickness and script or use the bar directly of research.

To use one or more Google Fonts on your website or on your web page you can use a WordPress plugin, such as Easy Google Fonts , which allow you to set different parameters of your typefaces, you can customize the various headings (paragraph, H1, H2 , H3, H3, and so on), select colors, size, background, space between characters, etc.

Alternatively, you can manually install one of the Google Fonts on your WordPress platform. How to do?

Open the Google font library, search for the font you want (you can also display a preview in a box), then click on the + sign at the top right of the font name and open the Family Selected section that will appear.

Now you have two possibilities to manually install your Google Font: you can choose the Standard method or the Import method and proceed with writing the relevant codes.

Keep in mind, however, that many WordPress themes today have already installed several Google Fonts ready to be used easily and quickly.


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