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Final Cut Pro X

This is the new professional video editing application launched by Apple that exploits the full potential of your iMac or Mac Book by offering advanced editing processes such as color grading, HDR compatibility and full rendering so that your DOTMOTIONS video production company looks like the largest film productions, in addition to VR video editing and 360 video editing .

It has an excellent optimization that allows you to take advantage of the hardware where it is running, so that audiovisual post-production can be performed with 8K videos at maximum resolution without slowdowns for the first time in history on an Apple computer.

Final Cut Pro X has Final Cut Pro: Motion and integrated Compressor, so VR video editing and 360 video editing are a reality thanks to Documentary Video Production Company Dubai excellent compression without having to sacrifice image quality. Currently there are almost three million licenses sold, which shows the enormous number of users who perform audiovisual editing with it, from the most famous Hollywood studios to local television channels and Youtubers.

Final Cut Pro X Features

Editors , audiovisual producers , professionals or amateurs can create virtual reality content with Final Cut Pro X and test using an HTC VIVE glasses system through SteamVR without complications. In addition to adding 2D and 3D subtitles to VR Video editing , applying blur effects, glows through a complete series of visual drivers to correct the perspective of the video or even eliminate some equipment that has been accidentally captured in some scenes.

Final Cut Pro X

This also allows photos and videos to implement standard to the audiovisual edition of retouching VR video , and share and upload the process of editing video 360 and VR to the various social networks and websites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Final Cut Pro X includes innovative color grading tools with built-in controls to adjust the hue of colors, as well as saturation, brightness, and contrast, while color curves facilitate the ability to make coloration adjustments with a surprising precision so that the control points to be applied allow you to focus on specific color ranges instead of working with the whole set at once.

It also includes the famous eyedropper, which is a tool widely used in the field of editing and design due to the fact that it allows obtaining samples of specific colors, also the users of Final Cut Pro X will be able to apply templates and look-up tables from other software. Editing like DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop or from websites like Color Grading Cental or Premium Beat to your audiovisual post – production process without sacrificing compatibility.

Other advanced features of Final Cut Pro X

  • Allows and facilitates the import of iMovie projects from iPhone and iPad in Final Cut Pro to perform audiovisual post – production tasks such as advanced editing, sound, animated graphics, and color grading.
  • Complete and full HEVC and HEIF compatibility to import and edit video clips in High Efficiency Video Coding format and High Efficiency Image Format photos from any Apple device without the need for intermediary applications.
  • New Logic Pro X audio effect plug-ins with redesigned, dimensionally adjustable interfaces for high-definition sound.


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