Wikipedia pages or wikis are a well-known tool for collecting information for people all around the world. This virtual platform provides authentic and reliable information related to a wide variety of topics. The number of pages uploaded on Wikipedia on a daily basis exceeds over twenty thousand and each wiki page provides information on a different topic. You will never find two wiki pages on one topic. We will share the steps by step guide for Wiki pages creation so that you can Create Your Own Wikis.

The demand for wikis has also grown over the past decade and various brands and business organizations have been observed to hire a professional Wikipedia page writing service for their Wikipedia needs. There are many perks and benefits that brands get by creating their wiki pages and the uses of wikis are countless in the business community.


Since the rise in demand for wiki pages has hit the market it has also been observed that many professionals have delved themselves in the creation of wikis as well. But the creation of a wiki page needs a person to follow certain a process that allows their wikis to get approved.

Create Your Own Wikis Using This Amazing 5 Step Process

This 5 step process is one of the most reliable ways of creating a wiki page that gets the approval of the virtual platform and every beginner wiki writer should follow and create their wikis using this process to increase the chances of approval for the pages they create.

Step # 1 – Get yourself registered on the website: Even though one can create and write for a wiki page without registering themselves on the virtual platform but it is highly recommended to create an account so that a wiki writer can also create a reputation for himself or herself by working on Wikipedia. As a wiki writer creates more pages that get the approval of the platform the reputation of the writer also grows. The account creation process is fairly simple and one only has to visit Wikipedia and tap or click the account creation option provided on the website. After providing the information required by Wikipedia one can easily create their wiki accounts and carry on with their page creation.

Step # 2 – Pick a title for your wiki page: Now, picking a title for a wiki page might sound like an easy enough thing to do but it has a catch. Wikipedia does not allow two pages made on a single topic or title. Every page title needs to be different therefore if you pick a title that already exists on Wikipedia then you won’t be able to create another wiki page on the same title. However, you can edit the page but for page creation you must select a title that does not exist on Wikipedia. Another thing that one has to ensure is that your page title or topic should meet the notability criteria of Wikipedia. If Wikipedia does not consider your topic notable, then your page will not get the approval. So, to avoid rejection of your wiki page in the future you should be careful in the very beginning.

Step # 3 – Research: You must gather all the facts and relevant information regarding your topic and your information need to be supported by authentic sources and references should be provided. It is best to use citations when providing information on a wiki page.

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Step # 4 – Follow the writing guidelines and policies: Writing the wiki page is probably the most difficult phase of this process and requires a wiki writer to follow all the writing guidelines and policies provided by Wikipedia. Not adhering to the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia will lead to the rejection of your wiki page. One must also be very careful to not provide and text or content that might hint towards promotional content or anything that hints towards the fact that your text is somehow opinionated or biased. A wiki writer must write only by providing information that is based on factual information to avoid any chances of rejection.

Step # 5 – Submit your wikis: The final step in the process requires you to critically check the information provided on your wiki page and once you have checked and rid your wiki page of all the errors you simply need to submit the page for the official screening process.


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