Wordpress Youtube Plugins

WordPress Youtube Plugins are fast, simple, light, and commanding to embed the videos belonging to different fields like education, music, movies, etc. It catches your visitors ‘attention’ and makes them remain on your webpage for an extended period. They are free of charge and easy to use.

Why are WordPress youtube plugins essential?

The WordPress youtube plugins are essential for embedding videos on your webpages in a creative and attractive way. The best customizable video widgets, playlists, and entertaining channels are also the embedded into the website using these plugins.

Best YouTube WordPress plugins

The WordPress youtube plugins are optimized for caching so that the load time of your website is not affected. The best Best YouTube WordPress plugins are given below.

 Embed Plus plugin

You can use this plugin to manage your YouTube live stream, YouTube gallery, and YouTube videos embedded into your WordPress dashboard. The customizable GDPR consent message provides security and privacy for any viewer who visits the site. With this advanced feature of the plugin, the viewer can also view the videos on your site from youtube. 

Video Gallery plugin

The Video Gallery plugin is the best Youtube plugin for WordPress sites to show the complete playlist to the viewers who visit the site since it is user friendly. This will also boost the volume of the website. To improve the overall appearance of the site, this is the best plugin to install. It is the plugin with additional features like Video embed support, the hover effect, gallery themes, etc. 

 Your channel plugin

Your channel plugin has useful functionalities with the best performance. With this plugin, it’s more comfortable to link users’ Videos into the respective web page. Such features will increase Google ranking and volume as well. The different customized settings like color, banners image, profile picture, playlists, etc. are also applicable for setting up users’ own channels.

Vimeo video gallery plugin

This WordPress youtube plugin supports Vimeo and youtube gallery as it has the feature of embedding video galleries etc. to the WordPress site. The user can simply upload the videos from saved files, writes the title, and set up the link for that video. With the advanced feature of different settings options like Vimeo gallery, YouTube Gallery, lightbox, etc. this plugin is extremely useful for any site owner. The various customization options are also available. 

 WP Video Pop up- Responsive Youtube & Vimeo lightbox plugin

It is the YouTube WordPress plugin used for linking the YouTube & Vimeo accounts to your website for the better visual appearance and more attention of visitors to the site. It has an advanced feature with remarkable speed. It is bug-free as well. The developers frequently update the system and settings with the apt pop-up size. It also has the feature of autoplay when the web page is loaded. 

 YouTube Widget Responsive plugin

Once activated and installed, this youtube widget responsive plugin has the drag-and-drop content area for embedding videos. The WordPress possesses some defaults during installation, so the plugins are installed with additional functions to the site to add more widgets to the dashboard. The features of the youtube widget responsive plugin include automatic on and off of Video, subtitles, automatic theme control, etc. 

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder plugin

This is the WordPress YouTube plugin that supports Vimeo and HTML videos. Multimedia is an essential part of the website to attract more visitors to the site and increase the rate of ranking. Since it’s SEO friendly with the functionality to add or provide the title and description of the videos while uploading. It has the GUI interface supported that makes the URL embedded videos responsive and functional. 


The above-mentioned youtube plugins will help you to embed videos on your website. Since they are SEO friendly with the easy to use interface, the YouTube plugins support the Vimeo and HTML videos as well. With the GUI interface, the WordPress YouTube plugins are URL embedded that makes videos responsive and functional. 

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Installing plugins on your WordPress website can be a tedious task. Also, you need to timely keep them up-to-date and ensure that they are compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Get reliable WordPress Support Services, which will provide WordPress Update Services for the plugins and themes installed on your website. 


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