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Due to the different threats regarding cybercrime that we face every day, we must be very protected, so that we are not one of the many victims that face this situation. Oddly enough, mobile devices are also affected by this. Android versions every day come with improvements. These include anti-malware protection. But if you consider that it is not enough protection yet, you can install best free antivirus from external developers.

Certainly, there are many antivirus programs that we offer on the Internet, however, not all are well valued. To help you in your decision to install a good antivirus we leave you a list of 10 of the best you can find on Google Play.

Is It Really Necessary to Have an Antivirus on My Android?

This is a very common question because our device seems very secure. In itself, many of the versions of Android and Apple already come with protection against those malware attacks, but is it still enough, or do we need a complement antivirus? We will answer this below.

First of all, we must understand that this is an opinion that is not the same for all users. However, there is a vast majority that installs an antivirus on their Android. To make your own decision, we leave you the comparison between advantages and disadvantages:


As always, we will name the advantages first, highlighting all those positive aspects that we get when installing an antivirus:

  • Our device will be kept with more space, thanks to the cleaning they do by eliminating all the junk files. Such files are those that we obtain when we install or uninstall applications, known by their .tmp extension.
  • Connecting to open WiFi networks to save data is very common, and soon after the device tells us, we will connect. Doing this can offer us many benefits, but the dark part is that in these networks there is a high possibility of hosting viruses, and with an antivirus, we will undoubtedly have security in such a situation.
  • Surfing the Internet, and jumping from the web to the web, maybe our daily routine, but if we look at it from a security point of view it is not the most recommended. But with a good antivirus, we can surf the Internet with our device without any problem.
  • Most of the antivirus that can be installed on phones offer us anti-theft protection, and in some cases, even the opportunity to block applications.


Everything good brings with it some negative aspects, and it is because nothing is perfect. Antiviruses are not, so we must take into account their disadvantages :

  • Free antivirus is limited in its functionality and offers only basic functionality.
  • When they are free they offer annoying advertisements.
  • Although this is good, many tend to be annoyed, and are the constant update notices.
  • Because they run in the background, our phone is faced with the need to consume more power (although this is controlled).

List of the Best Free Antivirus to Install on My Android Mobile

We will have better performance, and better results, as long as we have a good antivirus, but this search can be somewhat tedious.

To alleviate this, here is a list of applications approved by the Play Store for your phone:

Antivirus & Remove Virus, Phone Accelerator

With this application we will be sure that no threat will enter our device, giving us not only anti-malware protection, but it also provides us with a great cleaning so that our Android is always in the best conditions.

With the Phone Accelerator function, we can clean our RAM, and fly with our device. This feature is very important in an antivirus since these junk files can also hide one or another virus.

AVG Antivirus and Security for Android Free 2020

Maybe you have already heard of AVG, and the truth is that you can not deny it because it is one of the most famous antiviruses today. With AVG we can have maximum protection in every way, allowing us to analyze applications, games, or others in real-time, as well as giving us the opportunity to freeze those applications that slow down our phone.

To make matters worse, surfing the Internet is usually more secure after the installation of this antivirus because it gives us protection with a VPN which will also keep us safe while running proxy sites like afdah. On the other hand, our phone will have a higher performance because it cleans it from all the junk files.

Clean Master-Unlock Ram, Clean Space & Antivirus

Clean Master is better known for its efficiency in cleaning devices than for its strong antivirus. In this application, we can find functions that allow us to get rid of all those junk files so that we can free up space on our mobile.

We can not ignore the greatness of its antivirus, which gives us a constant and complete scan of each of the applications installed on our mobile, removing and eliminating all hidden viruses. It also gives us great security when browsing the Internet, protecting us from any threat.

Security Master – Antivirus, AppLock, Booster

With Security Master we will protect our mobile from all viruses and malicious applications, we will also clean our device from all junk files. On the other hand, when installing it we have a VPN and proxy server that shields us against any threat which helps you open a proxy movie website and watch movies like The Lion King which has earned more than $1 Billion as Box Office Collection.

If we connect to a Wi-Fi network, it will perform a scan to eliminate all viruses contained in the network. Thanks to the anti-theft function, everyone who tries to unlock our device will take a selfie.

Avast Antivirus 2020 – Android Security

Avast antivirus has been on the market for a long time, offering extensive services against malware. Thanks to its constant updates, our device will always be alert to any threat.

Another of the functions that it offers us is the blocking of applications, preventing access by anyone outside our phone. It also gives us the opportunity to activate a VPN to browse through a private network.

Virus Cleaner – Antivirus and Cleaning

Virus Cleaner provides dual-engine virus protection and powerful cleaner. With this application, we will never have to worry about fast battery discharge, because it has a CPU cooler, which optimizes its performance.

One of its most outstanding functions is scheduled deep analysis so that our device is always alert to any contaminated file.

Super Cleaner – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

With Super Cleaner we will have an excellent antivirus. We can not ignore the «Booster» that allows us to optimize memory and completely speed up our phone. A worthy application for game lovers, aligning the compatible graphics so that the game rolls as it should be.

Nox Security – Free Antivirus and Amplifier

With Nox Security, we will be fully protected from any virus and malware, as well as having real-time protection against theft. Among its features, we can find the App Locker and the RAM amplifier.

10 Tips to Maintain the Privacy and Security of Your Android

As long as bad people exist, we must always be aware of all our belongings, and this includes the virtual world because it can be said that it is the most vulnerable to threats.

For this reason, we will leave you some tips so that you can live a little freer, and with less stress, regarding the privacy of your documents and files:

  • Since we are exposed to physical theft, we must also be cautious about this. With an anti-theft application, we can quickly find our device, even when it is simply a loss due to forgetting us. One of the most recommended applications for this is Cerberus.
  • We must be very careful with wireless Internet networks, especially if they are public, because it is through these that we access pages and do activities, and the provider can see everything we do, and even steal information, simply by connecting us to your network. As a tip, it is good to use a VPN in these cases.
  • We must make sure that the application that we will download is good and will not contaminate our phone, and for this, it is good to consult the comments of other people, since their experiences can indicate how good the application that we will download is.
  • Always keep our device updated, is what we must always do, because through this the operating system is more protected against any threat.
  • Never give permissions to applications without first consulting the reasons for each one, and seeing if they are convenient.
  • Every time we browse the Internet our browser keeps a record of all our activities, for this reason, the advice we give you is to start browsing incognito. In this way, we will protect all our activities, without leaving any trace.
  • It may be fun, but that sending chains and taking the risk of opening your links is really dangerous. If we are not cautious, anyone can insert a virus into our phone and copy all our information. This advice should be applied even to email messages.
  • Making backups is good because with them we safeguard all those files that we have on our device, and if we lose them, we can recover them without much concern.
  • We must block each of our applications and files so that the intruder is even more difficult to access each of them. Currently, there are different applications that allow us to encrypt others, such as the best known is AppLock for Android.
  • Keeping a phone uncovered in front of anyone is not recommended. But if you think that having a phone without a lock allows you to access your functions faster, let us tell you that it is actually a risk, because for ease we will sacrifice all files, conversations, or other secret things, leaving them exposed to any intruder.


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