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In this modern era of gadgets and technology, one can’t think of a life without their smartphones. This statement is true for most of the peoples of this generation, but for a few, the old-style flip mobile phones are way better than those addictive costly and fragile smartphones. There are plenty of reasonable facts to consider one of the best flip phones next time you are going to buy a new handset in the market.  Today we are here to discuss a few points that will help us to understand why flip phones are better than the new smartphones.

  • Causes less distraction: Though smartphones are good for entertaining you when you are bored, it also makes you get detached from your loved ones due to the addictive nature of its apps and features. The flip phones don’t cause any such distractions and make you slave of a game, application or other features, and you can spend all your spare time with your friends and family.
  • Easy to use its features: Unlike smartphones, flip phones do not come with a lot of complicated & difficult to understand features, so they are straightforward to understand and operate. Apart from that large keypad, a Flip mobile phone is way more user-friendly than the regular smartphone.
  • Excellent battery life: The smartphones use a lot of battery due to the intricate functions and applications they are using, but it is not the case of flip phones. They come with a long battery life
  • Cheap to buy and handle: In the modern market where everyone is competing against each other, the smartphones are adding new features and putting their phones at a high price as possible. But you can easily buy these flip phones as they are still available at a lower price, and they don’t need a colossal recharge plan to make it work flawlessly like the smartphones.
  • Trustworthy: Whether for security purposes or the hardy nature of the body flip phones beats smartphones by a considerable margin as they are less likely to break.

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In conclusion it is clea r that with flip phones, you worry less about your phone and start to give more attention to real-life happiness or problems. So, if you are seeking simplicity in your life by your phone than a flip phone can give you a dose of nostalgia and a break from other smartphones. Also, Take a look at the list of 10 Best Phones in the World and see with your own eyes the extending skyline of mobile phones.


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